Facts about Dave White and the Delco GOP

Dave White and his political cronies are constantly obfuscating on the fact that he has pocketed millions in taxpayer dollars while sitting on County Council. Through Right-to-Know requests by private citizens and the campaign we have obtained documents that indicate Dave White's company was the beneficiary of up to tens of millions of taxpayer funded contracts. Additionally there are documents outlining wide ranging pay-to-play schemes where contributors to Dave White's campaigns and the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee were awarded millions in taxpayer funded contracts. Sometimes these contracts were awarded within days of donations to Dave White or the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee. This is clearly wrong. It should be illegal.

We are posting the documents surrounding our assertions online for the general public to access and decide for themselves just how much taxpayer money they think Dave White has pocketed. At the links below you will find an outline of the contracts and links to access the right to know requests and the documents themselves.

Dave White's History of Lining his Pockets with Taxpayer Money

Dave White and the Delco GOP Pay-to-Play Schemes

For easy access to two key sets of documents here are links to the campaign finance reports of both Dave White and the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee:

Dave White’s Campaign Finance Documents

Delaware County Republican Finance Committee Documents



Dave White and Delco GOP Pay-to-Play Schemes

Councilman Dave White has voted to award at least $5 million in contracts to numerous entities that have contributed nearly $30,000 to his campaigns and $159,000 to the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee.

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Dave White's history of lining his pockets

Dave White's history of lining his pockets with taxpayer money.

Dave White’s company, DWD Mechanical Contractor, has been paid over $2.5 million by local government agencies, according to invoices obtained via RTK requests. Additionally, his company is a subcontractor for CM3, which has billed Delaware County for more than $8.6 million since 2012 and local governments for tens of millions of dollars more. Because subcontracting financial documents are not public, it is impossible to say how much DWD has made from taxpayer-funded projects, though it could be well above $10 million. We have demanded that Dave White release the paid invoices he submitted as a subcontractor on these projects involving taxpayer money.

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FACT CHECK - Republicans are lying about Madden and Zidek


In a desperate attempt to distract voters from the failures of single party rule in Delco, Andy Reilly - boss of the party machine- dumped an array of sloppy, misleading and inaccurate statements regarding the business records of Kevin Madden and Brian Zidek. Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden are two successful small businessmen challenging a machine that will say and do anything to keep their pay-to-play schemes running so they can continue lining their pockets and those of their political cronies and campaign contributors. Party boss Reilly knows that their gravy train is coming to an end and they are desperate to cling to power at any cost. Voters just can’t trust any words that come out of their mouths.

We fact check their statements here:

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