Our Plan for Transparency and Accountability


With new allegations surrounding Delaware County Councilman Dave White and how much money his company has made on the backs of taxpayers, Democratic candidates for County Council Kevin Madden and Brian Zidek and Democratic candidate for Controller Joanne Phillips unveiled a transparency platform to prevent politicians from secretly lining their pockets with taxpayer money.

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Drain the Delco Swamp

Drain the Swamp

Delco is run by career politicians who make decisions about the future of our county behind closed party doors, in secret and waste our money. 41 years of single-party GOP rule in Delco has resulted in political corruption that costs every single taxpayer. Before Delco can move forward, we must break the old politics. Here are a few of the measures we would take to insure that Delco taxpayers can be confident that they are not being ripped off by politicians.

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